1. Window AC Normal/Per Visit Charge: 1 Unit: Rs. 249/-
  2. What's Included:
    • AC Inspection: Diagnose the problem in AC done by Technician.
    • After the proper inspection is done by AC Technician, a report and quotation will be put forward to the customer for future decision.
    • If any service/repair is done, then the cost will be estimated accordingly and will be billed to the customer.
    What's Not Included:
    • Window AC Normal/Per Visit Charge does not cover any Repair or Service done by AC technicians.

  3. Window AC Service: 1 Unit: Rs. 400/-
  4. What's Included:
    • Cleaning of AC Condenser Coil, Cooling Coil.
    • Cleaning of AC Filter.
    • Cleaning of AC Drainage Piping (Wet Method).
    • Checking AC Gas Level.
    • Overall Inspection of the AC unit.
    What's Not Included:
    • AC Gas Re-Filling.
    • Dealing with any AC Electrical Issues.
    • Any AC Repair work.
    • Replacement of any AC parts.

  5. Window AC Installation: 1 Unit: Rs. 500/-
  6. What's Included:
    • Outer case securely screwed fixed in the window.
    • Inner unit of Window AC firmly screwed fixed inside the outer.
    • The front cover gently fixed on the inner unit.
    • Insertion of Air filter of Window AC.
    What's Not Included:
    • Grill or Glass cutting of the window.

    window ac servicing

  7. Window AC Uninstallation: 1 Unit: Rs. 400/-
  8. What's Included:
    • Standard Uninstallation of Window AC.
    • Removal of insulation and padding.
    • Removal of front cover and air filter.
    • Removal of the inner unit from the outer case.
    • Unscrewing of the outer unit from a window.
    What's Not Included:
    • Fixing the glass cutting of the window.
    • Reinstalling the AC.

  9. Window AC Gas Filling: 1 Unit: Rs. 2200/-
  10. What's Included:
    • Complete Window AC gas filling.
    • Fixation of any leakage in the AC coil.
    What's Not Included:
    • Service of Window AC.

  11. Window AC Minor Repair and Inspection: 1 Unit: Rs. 249/-
  12. What's Included:
    • Water Leakage.
    • Minor Window AC repair issues.
    • Changing small Window AC parts.
    What's Not Included:
    • Small Window AC parts cost is not included in this service.

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Which window AC is best?

The best brand in India for window AC is O General but if you are looking for affordable window AC then go for Daikin, LG, Blue Star, and Voltas.

How often should Window AC be serviced?

How many years do window AC units last?

Window AC can last up to 25 years if maintained properly and quarterly servicing. The life of a window AC also depends on the brand, usage, maintenance, servicing quality, and efficiency.

Is Window AC better than split AC?

Yes and no. Window AC is better than split AC only in terms of price and maintenance cost. Window ACs are cheaper than split ACs and the maintenance cost of window AC is low than that of split AC.

How many units does a 1.5-ton window AC consume in an hour?

A 1.5-ton window AC consumes 1.5 units/hour but if you opt for an AC with a built-in inverter, then the consumption will be 0.91 units/hour.

Does window AC consume more electricity than split AC?

No, window AC doesn't consume more electricity than split AC. Because window AC is made for small spaces and split AC is made for larger spaces and being a single unit it consumes less electricity than a Split AC having 2 units.

How do you fix a noisy window air conditioner?

Check for any loose parts, tighten the screws to fix a noisy window air conditioner. Even after this, the window air conditioner won't get fixed then you need to seek the professional's help as there is some internal issue that can't be fixed by doing it yourself.

How do I choose a window air conditioner?

Before choosing a window air conditioner, consider a few factors like cooling capacity according to the size of your room, electric requirements, energy efficiency, and installation with yearly maintenance cost.

Why is my window air conditioner loud?

The main reason behind your window air conditioner being so loud could be the fan. Excessive water at the bottom of an AC can cause a loud noise when the fan blade hits it and this can happen only if the AC is not installed properly or the drain is clogged with something.