1. Washing Machine Normal/Per Visit Charge: 1 Unit: Rs. 200/-
  2. What's Included:
    • Washing Machine Inspection and minor repair, done by expert technicians.
    • If any major service/repair is done, then the cost will be estimated accordingly and billed to the customer.
    What's Not Included:
    • Washing Machine Normal/Per Visit Charge does not cover any major Repair or Service done by experts.

  3. Washing Machine Service: 1 Unit: Rs. 250/-
  4. What's Included:
    • Washing Machine Service includes cleaning of the following parts:
      1. Gasket
      2. Drainpipe
      3. Pulsator
      4. Detergent dispenser tray
      5. Inlet pipe
      6. Dump valve
      7. Inlet valve
      8. Outer body
    • Adjustment of the belt, legs, and inlet ATP or tightening the screws.
    What's Not Included:
    • Changing/Replacing washing machine parts like drain motor, etc.
    • The cost of washing machine parts replaced is not included in this service.
    • The cost of washing machine parts replaced will be borne by the customer.
    • Washing machine parts will not be provided to the customer in advance.

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  5. Replacement of Washing Machine Parts: 1 Unit: Rs. 250/-
  6. What's Included:
    • Replacement of the following washing machine parts are done:
      1. Bellow
      2. Gear Box
      3. Spin Motor
      4. Wash Motor
      5. Drain Motor
      6. Inlet Pipe
      7. Drain Pipe
      8. Inlet Valve
      9. V-Belt
      10. Shocker
      11. Clutch Assembly
      12. Motor Pulley
    What's Not Included:
    • The cost of washing machine parts is not included in this service.
    • The cost of washing machine parts will be bear by the customer.
    • Washing machine parts will not be provided to the customer in advance.

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Which is best washing machine?

The best brands to consider while buying a washing machine are Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, IFB, and Bosch. Factors to consider before buying are washing capacity according to the number of family members, spin speed, budget, type of washing machine, and washing method.

Why is the washing machine so loud?

How often should a washer and dryer be serviced?

If you are cleaning the washer and dryer once a month and maintaining it properly then the washer and dryer should be serviced once a year (in some cases, twice a year- depends on the model and brand).

How long should a washing machine last?

After proper maintenance and care, a washing machine lasts up to 15 years but the life of a washing machine depends on other factors like how often are you using your machine or getting it serviced, what is the brand & model, and how quickly you are addressing the issues caused by it.

Is it bad to leave the dryer door open?

No, if the washing machine is not in use and Yes, if you are using the appliance. Keep in mind, leave the dryer door open when you are not using the washing machine, if you have an ongoing moisture issue inside your dryer. Opening the dryer will allow moisture to escape and prevent mildew.

Why are my clothes soaking wet out of the washer?

When your clothes are soaking wet out of the washer, it is a sign that it is a drain hose problem. The reason behind this is either the water isn't draining off fast enough or flowing back into the washer drum, causing the soaked clothes.

What causes a washing machine to not spin and drain?

There are two common reasons behind causing a washing machine to not spin and the drain is either a broken pump or something is stuck in the drain hose/pump. To resolve this issue, get expert help.

What are common problems with washing machines?

The most common problems with washing machines faced by the consumers are loud noise coming from the washing machine, excessive vibrations, washing machine is not spinning, leaking water from soap drawer, and washing machine suddenly stopped or not starting.

How do I know if my washing machine needs replacing?

Signs to consider, if your washing machine needs replacing are washing machines working but it's draining the water, causing issues every month and you are spending much more than the cost of the new washing machine.