1. Split AC Normal/Per Visit Charge: 1 Unit: Rs. 249/-
  2. What's Included:
    • AC Inspection: Diagnose the problem in AC done by Technician.
    • After the proper inspection is done by AC Technician, a report and quotation will be put forward to the customer for future decision.
    • If any service/repair is done, then the cost will be estimated accordingly and will be billed to the customer.
    What's Not Included:
    • Split AC Normal/Per Visit Charge does not cover any Repair or Service done by AC technicians.

  3. Split AC Service: 1 Unit: Rs. 500/-
  4. What's Included:
    • Cleaning of AC Condenser Coil, Cooling Coil
    • Cleaning of AC Filter.
    • Cleaning of AC Drainage Piping (Wet Method).
    • Checking AC Gas Level.
    • Overall Inspection of the AC unit.
    What's Not Included:
    • AC Gas Re-Filling.
    • Dealing with any AC Electrical Issues.
    • Any AC Repair work.
    • Replacement of any AC parts.

  5. Split AC Installation Without Stand: 1 Unit: Rs. 1499/-
  6. What's Included:
    • Marking & drilling holes according to the wall bracket.
    • Passing pipes and cables through a wall (Material required from customer).
    • Standard Installing indoor & outdoor unit of Split AC.
    • Installation of copper pipes and electrical connections.
    • Final check & proper functionality.
    What's Not Included:
    • The stand is "not included" in this service because of different stand material preferences.

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  7. Split AC Uninstallation: 1 Unit: Rs. 800/-
  8. What's Included:
    • Standard Uninstallation of Split AC.
    • Unscrewing of indoor & outdoor unit of Split AC from the wall.
    • Uninstallation of copper pipes, cables, and electrical connections.
    What's Not Included:
    • Filling up the holes.
    • Reinstalling the AC.

  9. Split AC Gas Filling R-22: 1 Unit: Rs. 2500/-
  10. What's Included:
    • Complete Split AC gas filling.
    • Fixation of any leakage in the AC coil.
    What's Not Included:
    • Service of Split AC.

  11. Split AC Minor Repair and Inspection: 1 Unit: Rs. 249/-
  12. What's Included:
    • Water Leakage.
    • Minor Split AC repair issues.
    • Changing small Split AC parts.
    What's Not Included:
    • Small Split AC parts cost is not included in this service.

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Which AC is best split AC?

The best split AC in India is O General but the best affordable split ACs are Daikin, LG, Voltas, and Hitachi.

What is the price of split AC in India?

Is Split AC better or window?

Well, both split AC and window AC have pros and cons. Which one is better will totally depend on your requirement like if you are looking for high efficiency AC then split AC is better, if your room is not big then window AC is better, if you have space for two units then split AC, and more factors.