1. Kitchen Chimney Normal/Per Visit Charge: 1 Unit: Rs. 200/-
  2. What's Included:
    • Kitchen Chimney Inspection is done by expert technicians.
    • If any major service/repair is done, then the cost will be estimated accordingly and billed to the customer.
    What's Not Included:
    • Kitchen Chimney Normal/Per Visit Charge does not cover any major Repair or Service done by experts.

  3. Kitchen Chimney Installation: 1 Unit: Rs. 700/-
  4. What's Included:
    • Standard Installation of Kitchen Chimney of all brands.
    What's Not Included:
    • Standard Uninstallation or Standard Re-Installing of Kitchen Chimney.

  5. Exterior Kitchen Chimney Cleaning Service: 1 Unit: Rs. 500/-
  6. What's Included:
    • Expertise cleaning of the hood of Kitchen Chimney.
    What's Not Included:
    • Deep and Interior cleaning of Kitchen Chimney.

    chimney service

  7. Interior and Deep Cleaning Service of Kitchen Chimney: 1 Unit: Rs. 800/-
  8. What's Included:
    • Interior and deep cleaning of Kitchen Chimney of all brands.
    What's Not Included:
    • Exterior cleaning of Kitchen Chimney.

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Which brand is best for kitchen chimney?

The best brands to consider while buying a kitchen chimney are Hindware, Elica, and Faber. Factors to consider before buying are chimney size according to installation space, auto/manual, type of kitchen chimney, and suction power.

How many types of kitchen chimneys are there?

Which chimney is better Faber or Elica?

As compared to Faber, Elica is considered a better option for a kitchen chimney because of its auto clean and silent feature.

What is the difference between auto clean and normal chimney?

One of the major differences between auto clean and a normal chimney is the suction power of a chimney. In an auto-clean chimney, the suction power is much higher than a normal chimney. Another reason you shouldn't opt for a normal chimney as the suction power reduces with time because of the oil clogging in it.

Which chimney makes less noise?

One of the best chimneys that makes less noise is the Elica Deep Silent Chimney with EDS3 Technology. It reduces the level of noise without affecting the chimney's performance.

Which filter is best for chimney?

There are three types of filters for kitchen chimneys, i.e, Baffle, Mesh/Cassette, and Charcoal. According to reviews, the Baffle filter is best for the kitchen chimney.

Do chimneys make noise?

No, but if the chimney's cowl or bird guard is damaged or not in a position then the noises will occur. If the cowl or bird guard is not damaged and in position then it's an internal issue for those who have to seek expert's help.

What should I look for when buying a chimney?

Now is the trend for filterless kitchen chimneys. Whether you are thinking of buying a filterless chimney or a filter chimney, consider these key points, i.e, chimney size, maintenance cost, suction power, and the best brand.