Product Description

  • Skid Made From SS Skilled.
  • Two pre filter with one CTU Block in 20 inch hosing.
  • Two per filter in 20 inch hosing 5 micron rating.
  • Two per filter in 20 inch hosing 10 micron rating.
  • Three Ro pump E-CHAIN 300 GPD.
  • Three membrane housing.
  • Three membrane tap water element make 300GDP Made in USA.
  • One high pressure switch.
  • Imported pipeline USA.
  • One fitting Imported(USA).
  • Three 20 inch jumbo housing.
  • Three SMPS 3 ampeir.

KENT Elite II Plus 100 LPH RO:

₹ 75000

Product Description

KENT Elite II Plus 100 LPH RO is designed to purify tap/municipal corporation water and the stainless steel material helps to create a corrosion-free life span. The following are some key features of this RO system.

  • Mineral Retain RO Technology.
  • In-built auto-flushing system.
  • Multiple Purification Technology (RO+UV+UF+TDS).
  • 4 RO membranes and 2 high-pressure pump.
  • An additional Hydrostatic Storage Tank of 8-40 litres.

Aquaguard 100 LPH RO:

₹ 120000+GST

Product Description

Aquaguard 100 LPH RO is designed to use in industries, hospitals, clinics, restaurants, offices, banks, and many more places. This RO has the following features.

  • 7 Stage Purification System.
  • FRP Material.
  • 200 Litres Capacity.
  • Industrial RO with Automatic Flushing System.
  • Electric Power Source.
  • Three Phase.

ZeroB Eco Smart 100 LPH RO:


Product Description

ZeroB Eco Smart 100 LPH RO is designed with the following features.

  • ESS Purification Technology.
  • Nova Cartridge.
  • HRR Technology.
  • TDS Controller.