A high-quality water purifier can last as long as 15 years if maintained properly. On the other hand, an affordable water purifier can last up to 5-7 years with proper maintenance and care.

Although, you may deal with certain basic issues that occur not long after the regular use of RO. The following are the 5 most common RO problems and solutions:

  1. Unpleasant Taste or Foul Smell from Water
  2. Unpleasant taste or foul smell is perhaps the most well-known problem caused by biofilm (organic and inorganic material stored on the surface).

    To overlook this issue, request the experts to check your RO system and make sure to get it clean every 6 months. Additionally, for proper maintenance, ensure to change the filters once every year.

  3. Slow Water Flow
  4. Slower water flow than usual occurs either due to the low water volume in the tank or filled tank.

    To dodge this issue, empty the tank once a month. Even after the proper maintenance, if this issue occurs, then either the filters are clogged, or there could be a malfunctioning problem in the water tank for which you need to request the assistance of experts.

  5. Noise in Faucet
  6. Noise in the faucet happens after changing the filter cartridges. It usually disappears within a week, but even after a week, if you can still hear them, at that point, you need to call the experts. Another reason behind this commotion to happen is because the tank valve isn't bolted correctly.

  7. Leakage in Faucet
  8. Water leakage is one of the most common problems and can create more issues if not resolved immediately. It may have caused due to the improper installation of the RO systems or the pressure in the water tank is high.

    The only solution is to seek the expert's help after discovering the water spillage from the RO system.

  9. Water Purifier running constantly
  10. Another most common water purifier problem is a system that runs ceaselessly. This issue can occur because of numerous reasons like improper membrane installation, automatically shut off valve failure, the broken valve, low water stream, etc.

    The solution to this problem is to change the faulty parts or request the specialists to examine and redress this issue.

    The above are the most common RO problems that have been faced by people. We trust that you have got an idea of how to deal with these issues.

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