When it comes to a health matter, you research a lot before buying any product and avoid making the wrong decision. With several water purifier options available in the market, one might be confused in choosing the best water purifying system for your home/office.

So before picking the best water purifying system, consider the following factors to make the right decision:

  1. Quality of Water
  2. To check the quality of water, you must know the source of your tap water. Get it tested for hardness, amount of salt dissolved, and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level.

    • If the water supply is from a river, lake, or municipal corporation, then the TDS level is between 1-200 ppm.
    • If it is from tubewell or borewell, then the TDS will be between 200-2000 ppm.
    • If the water is from multiple sources like municipal, tubewell, borewell, or tanker, then the TDS level vary.

  3. Types of Water Purifiers
  4. There are three types of water purifiers available in the market: RO, UV, and gravity-based.

    • RO systems are best suitable for TDS levels of more than 500 ppm.
    • UV systems are best if the TDS level is between 200-500 ppm.
    • Gravity-based water purifiers are used in the areas where the TDS level is low.

  5. Storage Capacity
  6. Adequate daily water consumption of a person is about 3-4 litres. Another factor to keep in mind is that if your home/office area encounters frequent electricity fluctuations, then purifiers with high water storage work well.

  7. Safety Measures
  8. Ensure to look for unfolded features and functionality like filter expiration, auto-shutoff feature, and more. Also, look for a certified water purifier to ensure that the brand is authentic and reliable.

  9. Service and Maintenance
  10. Make sure to look for all the essential information about the maintenance and services provided after you purchase the product. Make sure to analyze and calculate the annual maintenance cost.

    Besides the above factors, you need to consider the price, and there is no harm in reading the water purifier reviews before making the final decision.

    The above are the most common RO problems that have been faced by people. We trust that you have got an idea of how to deal with these issues.

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