Water purifiers are an essential choice for homes or offices. With technologies like RO, UV, UF, TDS, MF, water purifiers remove all dissolved impurities and provide 100% purified water.

Let us look at the brands and some of the essential features of these water purifiers.

Kent Grand Plus


KENT Grand Plus RO is the best selling RO purifier in India. It provides 100% pure and mineral-rich purified water.

Features :

  • Multiple stages purifications including RO, UV, UF, and TDS controller
  • Zero water wastage technology
  • In-tank UV disinfection
  • Storage capacity: Nine litres

  • Suitable for all water sources

  • Filter Cartridges like Carbon Block, Sediment, UF

  • Wall-mounted design

  • 1-year warranty + 3 years free service

AO Smith Z8 RO Water Purifier


AO Smith is one of the world's best manufacturers of quality water purifiers. It is a top purifier brand not only in India but also in America.

AO Smith Z8 RO Water Purifier comes with SCMT + HOT technology which makes it one of the best water purifiers in India.

Features :

  • 8 Stage Purification
  • Storage capacity: Nine litres
  • ART (advance recovery technology)
  • Hot water at a press of a button

  • Min-Tech (mineralizer technology)

  • Advance alert technology

  • India's first RO with night assist

  • 1-year warranty

HUL Pureit


HUL Pureit RO is an advanced 7-stage Copper+Mineral+RO+UV water purifier. It has a unique copper charge technology that enriches your purified water.

Features :

  • 7-stage purifying technology
  • Storage capacity: Eight litres
  • 15 days before filter expiry alerts
  • You can choose between copper and normal RO water
  • LED indicators for storage tank empty/full, machine error
  • Suitable for water sources like a municipal corporation, borewell, tanker
  • TDS reduction
  • 1-year warranty

Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight


AquaSure Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight is one of the most popular and latest designs that look classy, modern, and ordinary all at the same time.

Features :

  • Multi-stage purification technology (RO+UV+MTDS)
  • Safe and pure water
  • TDS regulator
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Storage capacity: Seven litres
  • LED indicators for power on, purification on, storage tank full status
  • Long-lasting cartridge
  • Installation friendly design
  • 1-year warranty

Havells Max RO+UV Water Purifier


Havells Max RO+UV water purifier balances the pH level and enrich the purified water with natural minerals, elements, and delivers healthy water.

Features :

  • Absolute safety through 100% RO and UV purification
  • Mineralz cartridge
  • Zero splash faucet
  • Storage capacity: Eight litres
  • Smart alerts like self-diagnostic, purification, tank full, errors like UV, SV, pump failure
  • Removable tank
  • 1-year warranty, Smart care extended warranty plan, 1-In-A-Million service

Different water sources require various technologies and purifying techniques. We hope that the above 5 best water purifiers will help you in making a decision.

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